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BTRoS awarded IRIS accreditation

BTRoS Interiors and Cabling has been awarded the IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) quality certificate. The approval covers manufacture of Interiors, cabling and cabinets as defined by IRIS Scope 8 and 12 in their standard IRIS Rev 02, V 2.3

IRIS is a common, global method for evaluating business management systems throughout the railway supply chain. It is based on ISO 9001 and tailored to the specific requirements of the international railway industry.

This certification was introduced in order to further raise the quality standards in the railway industry sector and thereby also increase safety in public passenger traffic and freight transport.

The IRIS regulations and guidelines offer a high level of transparency for auditing railway suppliers. It applies to equipment and component suppliers to railway industry and has been mandatory for the rolling stock and signalling sectors since 2009. IRIS was developed by the Association of European Railway Industries (UNIFE).

Objectivity and transparency are guaranteed by only using approved and independent certification bodies, known and recognized in the industry, in the case of BTRoS we are accredited by SGS UK Ltd.

BTRoS’s QHSE manager, Nigel Lister states “Achieving IRIS certification demonstrates our commitment to quality and safety. We have strengthened our project management systems as a result, and incorporated risk and lessons learned more directly into our processes. The main objective of IRIS is to improve quality in the rail sector by reduction of efforts and costs”

“Audit results are scored, it´s not a fail/pass system, and some requirements have a ‘K.O.’ criteria, which makes you consider your processes very carefully. We are delighted to be one of the few companies, who are IRIS certified in the area of wiring harnesses, control panels fabrications for the rail industry”

BTRoS’s business development manager Martyn Turner added, “We are proud to be awarded IRIS certification, it has been the culmination of some hard work and effort, but it sends out a clear message to the market that BTRoS is both a quality supplier with robust operating systems, operating with a competitive cost base which retains our competitive position in supplying the refurbishment and upgrade sectors of the rail industry”