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BTRoS gears up for Crossrail harness manufacture

As manufacture of the new Crossrail fleet of Aventra based vehicles commences, by Bombardier in Derby, the task of manufacturing the main wiring harness assemblies has been entrusted to BTRoS.
All of the underframe HV /LV harnesses and roof mounted harnesses are being assembled on special jigs, the underframe jigs can be rotated 270 degrees to allow an optimal, ergonomic build position, which in turn ensures a quality product can be assured.
With BTROS’s involvement in the “design for manufacture” process the jig design enables a complete vehicle set of underframe and roof tray assemblies to be lifted in one operation within BTROS and subsequently lowered in one operation onto the vehicle in the Bombardier production line, this development reduces production hours, saves cost, builds in quality which in turn reduces project risk.
Typically, the two sets of cable trays are first manufactured in house and fitted to the jig using fixed location features which represent their final position in the underframe or roof void, then the pre tested harnesses are laid into the tray, tie wrapped into position and the whole assembly flash tested.
The special turntable jigs represent an investment of £500k, each are 25m long and configurable for a wide range of harness designs.